The Axios Ironclad – A modern reinvention of an iconic classic.

Batch B is now available with an estimated delivery schedule for June 2020. This batch will feature some of the old guards (Northern Sky, Deep Blue and Ocean Gulf) along with the introduction of two new variants - the Emerald Night and the Rising Sun.

The Ironclad maintains the definitive dive watch silhouette and is infused with our own design ideas – resulting in a watch that is reminiscent of the past, but wears its own character. The collection was named after the Ironclad battleships, the advent of which in 1859 would go on to change naval warfare forever.

Engraved onto the caseback of each Ironclad is an image of its namesake warship. Each Ironclad caseback also bears its name, the movement and its serial number.

The words “Now comes the reign of iron” is also distinctively etched on the caseback, immortalizing the remarks of Rear Admiral (USN), John Dahlgren as he witnessed the first Ironclads - the Monitor and the Merrimack engaged in the Battle of the Ironclads in the March of 1862, ending the 3000-year reign of wooden man-of-war ships and forever changing the face of naval warfare.

Joining the Fleet:
Emerald Night & Rising Sun

Key Specifications


A Hardened Case & Bracelet

Employing the latest in watch manufacturing technology, the Ironclads come fully-coated with a scratch-resistant coating that was recently developed.

A 3.0 micron thick, invisible line of coat is applied throughout the watch case and bracelet which dramatically improves the hardness rating of the watch exterior from 215-225 HV (316 Stainless Steel) to a range of 900-1100 HV.

The increased hardness and scratch resistance ensure the Ironclads will look newer for a lot longer.

Case & Caseback

The crown is positioned at the 3 o’clock and screws down when not in use for watertight integrity. Our Axios logo, the point of a sword, is etched deeply onto the crown.  

The Ironclad case is made of 316L stainless steel; a molybdenum-alloyed steel exhibiting high corrosion resistance, high durability and strength at elevated temperatures.

These properties allow the watch to be worn almost anywhere and to perform at it’s optimum capacity. The lugs of the Ironclad are slightly curved and hug the wrist, making the watch extremely comfortable to wear.

Additionally, the finishing on the case is brushed and with high polish on the sides.

Engraved onto the caseback of each Ironclad is an image of its namesake warship. Each Ironclad caseback also bears its name, "Axios Ironclad", the movement "SW200" and the words “Now comes the reign of iron”, immortalizing the words of Rear Admiral John Dahlgren as he witnessed the first Ironclads ending the 3000-year reign of wooden man-of-war ships in naval warfare.

The batch and serial number of each Ironclad will be engraved on the caseback "A XXX/XXX".

Rotating Diver's Ceramic Bezel

The Ironclad utilizes a 120-click unidirectional Ceramic Bezel as opposed to the traditional steel or aluminium alternatives.

When compared to the available alternatives, the ceramic bezel offers higher scratch resistance, a “nearly indestructible” property, strength and superior longevity.  

Both Swiss C3 X1 and BGW9 Super-LumiNova are generously applied on the bezel. Our bezel colors vary between the variants.

*Note: The Horizon variant does not have lume on the ceramic bezel from 12 o'clock to the 15 minute marker. 


The Ironclad is available in five color variants; “First Light”, “Ocean Gulf”, “Deep Blue”, “Horizon”, “Northern Sky”. The brass dial boasts colors in sunburst Black, Blue and Green. The date window is placed on the six with each date wheel reprinted to match the color of the dial.  

We use a broadsword design with three separate luminescence plots for the minute and hour hands.

We understand the importance of the luminescence in a deep-sea diver, especially when relied upon in the depths of the ocean. We apply a generous yet uniform coat of Swiss Super-LumiNova C3 X1 pigments on the Ironclad’s dial markings and hands with BGW9 on the dotted minute markers of the bezel.

A product of RC TRITEC, the Swiss Super-LumiNova® Photoluminescent Pigments are the choice premium luminescent solution for the Swiss watch industry.

Materials are 100% Swiss made, non-radioactive, REACH (EU Regulation) compatible and both temperature and environmental influence resistant. Chargeable with sunlight or artificial light.

Dive Features

Built principally as a dive watch, the Axios Ironclad comes with essential diving features such as Dive Time, Unidirectional Bezel and a Depth Rating of up to 50 ATM or 500 metres.

Furthermore, we have included a mixture of both C3 X1 and BGW9 luminescence on the bezel for easy differentiation between the minute marks in underwater conditions.

To use the Dive Time, before the diver's descent, simply rotate the bezel pip at the 12 o'clock to align with the minute hand. This will allow the time elapsed (up to 60 minutes) to be observed and read on the bezel.

The unidirectional, ratcheting safety feature of the bezel will ensure that any unintentional movement of the bezel will result in showing the diver having spent a longer than actual time underwater, providing the diver with a safety reserve for his ascent.

The Ironclad is pressure tested and rated up to a depth of 50 ATM or 500m. Despite its relatively slim case, the Ironclad thrives in underwater conditions - wear it fearlessly when you swim, surf or dive.

Sapphire Crystal

We used a Double Domed Sapphire Crystal Glass for the extraordinary mechanical properties it exhibits rather than the Mineral Crystal Glass alternatives seen in most watches.

Multiple layers of anti-reflective coating are added to the underside of the crystal in addition to the double dome, ensuring a high degree of clarity and minimal light distortion.

Under Mohs scale of mineral hardness, sapphire has a value of 9 with diamonds holding the value of 10, affording the glass exceptional scratch resistance. 

This hardness helps the sapphire crystal to be extremely scratch-resistant and hence look newer for much longer.

On The Wrist

In The Box


When will my order be shipped?

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