First Light

Featuring golden hands and accents contrasting against a black sunburst dial and ceramic bezel with a splash of red at the 12 o'clock triangular marker. The Ironclad First Light owes its name to the dawn's facade: streaks of golden and red across a darkened sky.

Ocean Gulf

The Ocean Gulf aka the Batman bears a blue-black ceramic bezel with a black sunburst dial. Lesser known is its colour affinity to the point where glacial melt water meets the offshore water of the Gulf of Alaska, creating a divergent blue-black.

Deep Blue

A blue sunburst dial and ceramic bezel with red second hands. Enjoy multiple shades of blue as the light dances across the elements and find beauty in its simplicity. 


The Horizon is the only Ironclad variant to feature a ceramic bezel with engraved markers of different colours. The orange accents stand out on its blue sunburst dial, and is inspired by the last rays of the sun across a shimmering horizon. 

Northern Sky

Named after the Northern Lights, the Northern Sky features a deep green sunburst dial and green ceramic bezel with red second hands. Applied indices feature high polish finishings.

Gunmetal Meteorite First Light & Gunmetal Meteorite Ocean Gulf

Our meteorite variants have dials cut from the Muonionalusta meteorite that fell in Northern Scandinavia, treated to a gunmetal dark grey hue.