We founded Axios Watches to produce exceptional watches at a great price.

The three of us co-founders Justin Chiam, Elshan Tang and Stuart Ho share a common love in collecting watches, in particular diving watches.

After spending years working in the commodities and finance sectors in international MNCs, founders Stuart Ho and Justin Chiam decided it was time to leave their full-time jobs to pursue their passion, joining Elshan, who has founded three watch brands prior (Zelos, Ventus and Vilhelm) and shipped thousands of watches over the past five years.

We want to build a brand focused on:

  • Building great watches
  • Selling our timepieces at great prices
  • Great customer experience

Axios Watches is based in Singapore.


"Axios" ( Greek ἄξιος, "worthy of")

The inspiration for our brand name comes from the Roman General Gnaeus Domitus Corbulo, who on command from Emperor Nero to take his own life, loyally obeyed and fell on his sword crying Axios” (translation - "I am Worthy").