Stingray Watch Strap 20mm | Blue
$99.00 USD

Stingray Watch Strap 20mm | Blue

An exotic stingray leather watch strap in blue that is handsewn with red contrast stitch detail to pair perfectly with the Axios Flagship or any other with the appropriate lug width.

  • Strap width: 20mm (fits Axios Flagship perfectly)
  • Size: Standard length fits wrists 5" to 8"
  • Color: Blue with red stitch detail
  • Material: Polished stingray leather without pearl
  • Hardware: 316L stainless steel engraved with Axios Watches logo
  • Easy swap: Quick release spring bars


  • Watch is not included


Stingray leather has been found in the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs, on items owned by Louis XV in France during the 1700s and most notably used to craft the armour and sword handles of noble Samurai in Japan. The uniqueness and beauty of this exotic material lies in the small spheres that make up its surface. When polished down to a smooth finish, it has a subtle sheen while retaining incredible strength that is remarkably resistant to fire, water, puncturing, tearing and abrasion.


During the age of medieval Japan, the noble Samurai used stingray to craft their armour. This hide, 10 times stronger than normal leather, proved impenetrable to the blade, thus making it a challenging skin to work with till today for unskilled artisans.

Axios stingray watch straps are 100% handmade and finished with a contrasting color stitch that reinforces the durability at the areas of flexure.

  • Handcrafted in small batch
  • Premium Cowtail stingray leather
  • Tanned and polished

Leather Care

While stingray leather is exceptionally durable, proper care will extend the life and beauty of your exotic watch strap.

  1. Store in a cool, clean, dry place away from direct contact with other leather products, moisture, sunlight and direct heat.
  2. Lightly clean your stingray leather with a soft, barely dampened cloth by wiping gently across the surface.
  3. For tough spots, use a very mild soap and water mixture with your damp cloth to massage gently in smooth circular strokes.

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